Best Coding Interview Preparation Strategies For Beginners [2023]
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the Coding interview preparation is extremely important for inexperienced programmers who want to enter the tech industry. The coding interview is a crucial step in realizing their professional dreams, as it assesses their technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and composure under pressure.

To perform well in a coding interview, novices should follow some optimal preparation techniques. These techniques include studying computer science fundamentals such as data structures, algorithms, and operating systems. It is also essential to practice coding problems and challenges, especially those that relate to the specific job position they are applying for.

Novices should prepare by reviewing common coding interview questions and practicing their communication skills. It’s important to be able to explain technical concepts clearly and concisely, as well as to ask clarifying questions when needed.

Other tips for preparing for a coding interview include researching the company and the job position, dressing appropriately, and arriving on time. It’s also a good idea to bring a copy of your resume and any relevant certifications or projects.

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Understanding the Coding Interview

A coding interview is a crucial component of the hiring process for any technical job. The primary objective of a coding interview is to assess an individual’s coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills.

The interview can be conducted through different mediums such as phone, video calls, or in-person sessions, depending on the employer’s preference.

Whiteboarding: One of the most common forms of a coding interview is whiteboarding. In this type of interview, the candidate is asked to solve a coding problem on a whiteboard or paper. The interviewer typically provides the problem and observes the candidate’s approach, thought process, and problem-solving skills.

Pair programming: In this format, the candidate collaborates with an interviewer to solve a coding problem. This format is particularly useful for assessing a candidate’s communication skills and their ability to work effectively in a team.

Take-home assignment: In this format, the candidate is given a coding assignment to complete at home within a specified deadline. This format allows the candidate to work at their own pace and showcase their coding skills.

Online coding test: Some employers may choose to conduct an online coding test as part of the interview process. In this format, the candidate receives an online coding test to complete within a specific time limit. This format is particularly useful for assessing a candidate’s ability to work under pressure and their time management skills.

To prepare for a coding interview, one must be conversant with multiple technical skills, such as data structures, algorithms, programming languages, and problem-solving techniques.

Best coding interview preparation strategies for beginners [2023]
Best coding interview preparation strategies for beginners [2023]

Strategies for Coding Interview Preparation

Coding interview preparation may appear challenging, but with appropriate measures, success is possible. Here are some steps to consider when preparing for a coding interview:

Conduct Company and Job Position Research: Study the company’s mission, culture, values, and the specific job position you’re applying for. It’s instrumental in knowing what the firm requires in a candidate and customizing your preparation accordingly.

Review Technical Concepts and Practice Coding: Look up technical concepts like data structures and algorithms and practice coding problems. Several online platforms provide practice problems like HackerRank and LeetCode.

Practice Explaining Your Thought Process: During a coding interview, it’s not only about writing code but also expounding on your thought process. Practice explaining your approach to solving problems and the reasoning behind your code.

Conduct Mock Interviews: Conduct mock interviews with friends or mentors. This exercise will enable you to simulate the actual interview experience and get feedback on your performance.

Take Care of Yourself: Personal care before an interview is essential. Adequate sleep, healthy eating, and relaxation techniques help to reduce stress.

On the day of the interview, arrive ahead of schedule, dress appropriately, and carry any necessary materials, such as a notebook and pen.

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Common Coding Interview Questions and Answers

Preparing for a coding interview also entails being conversant with the questions likely to come up. Some common coding interview questions include:

Reverse a string: Compose a function that takes a string input and returns the string in reverse order.

Find the largest element in an array: Compose a function that takes an array input and returns the most massive element.

Find the second largest element in an array: Compose a function that takes an array input and returns the second-largest element.

Implement a stack: Write a class that implements a stack data structure.

The coding interview question is to implement a binary search algorithm. This involves searching a sorted array by repeatedly dividing the search interval in half.

The algorithm will compare the middle element of the array to the target value and continue dividing the search interval until the target value is found or determined to not be in the array.

Another question that might come up is to implement a linked list data structure. This involves creating a class with a node object that contains both data and a reference to the next node in the list. The linked list can then be traversed to add, remove, or modify elements.

Some coding interview questions may involve solving a specific problem, such as finding the shortest path between two points in a graph.

This might require knowledge of graph theory and algorithms like Dijkstra’s algorithm.

It is also important to be familiar with data structures and algorithms in general, such as arrays, hash tables, sorting algorithms, and searching algorithms.

Knowing when and how to use these data structures and algorithms can help you efficiently solve coding problems in an interview.

In addition to technical knowledge, coding interviews may also assess soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.

You may be asked to explain your thought process and reasoning as you work through a problem or to collaborate with the interviewer on a solution.

Overall, preparing for a coding interview involves practicing technical skills, familiarizing yourself with common interview questions and data structures/algorithms, and developing strong soft skills.

By being well-prepared and confident, you can perform your best in a coding interview and land your dream job in the tech industry.

To answer these questions, practice writing code and elaborating on your thought process. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or clarify the problem statement.


Preparing for a coding interview may appear daunting, but with the right measures, one can achieve success. Conduct company and job position research, review technical concepts, practice coding, expound on your thought process, conduct mock interviews, take care of yourself, and be conversant with the common coding interview questions. With these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to acing your coding interview.

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